Monday, March 22, 2010

{wusketeer booth @ craft happy, freakmont ca} lolz

{wusketeer was iffy about doing this craft fair because it was in freakmont and since this was our first show we really didn't know what to expect...BUT we loved showing our stuff there! the venue was sweet, sellers very friendly, and shelby and andrew very helpful, professional and fun. the lil town of niles is friggin awesome too. i could spend an entire day in the record store on H Street. i need to go back soon to shop in the antique stores! thanks to all our family and friends that made it out to support!}

btw...i need to take a course in sales or as waggie says i need to go to finishing school. lolz.


  1. Finishing school! LOL. I hope you had a blast and will be doing it again :) I need to do a craft fair, one day :)