Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

{tea bag saucers}

clay: jamaica
glaze: clear crackle in reduction, white englobe
measurement: 2 5/8"-3" diameter, 7/16" high
studio: echo ceramics - los angeles, ca
artist: k. miguel

{i made these to hold my used tea bags. they are thrown off the hump, painted with white englobe and etched with a sprout pattern.}

{ceramic lamp}

clay: navajo white
glaze: sea green in reduction
measurement: 9.5" high, shade measures 6" high
studio: echo ceramics - los angeles, ca
artist: k. miguel

{this lamp took me a long time to finish. the shade took about 12 hours to carve, the round base about 3 months (this i'm not sure about), glazing about 8 hours. the entire process took me about 4 months to complete. for the base, i initially threw a cylindrical shape but decided that didn’t look right so i redesigned and for about 3 months i tried making this round ball shape. if you've seen my birdhouses that i've posted in the past these are actually all of my failed attempts at the lamp base. all of the hardware was bought on the interweb and i wired it myself. viola!}

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

{another bento}

{top tier} spinach soup
{bottom tier} turkey sandwich, cherry tomatoes, flower cut carrots

...sorry this picture sucks. i was up until 1:30am making this bento and didnt want to spend time on the images. sometimes i start these things late at night and it takes me fur-evers to finish them...